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Let Utah Read

We are a coalition of Utah community members, educators, parents, librarians, and advocacy organizations dedicated to preserving Americans’ freedom to choose what we read. Check us out at Let Utah Read
459 Members
pj bromberg

National Campaign Against Book Bans!

Are you interested in joining the fight against book bans? This group will allow you to learn from other leaders from around the country who are fighting against book bans and get the training and support you need to win your campaign. Let's coordinate our campaigns, share resources, communicate across the country, and work together to win the fight against book banning!
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EveryLibrary Admin

North Central Idaho Alliance

We are a group of neighbors across the North Central Idaho region dedicated to our libraries and the right to read. Please join us.
269 Members
John Chrastka
Heather Stout
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Saline County Library Alliance

Our group is focused on protecting the Saline County Library in Arkansas from attacks on the First Amendment and providing support for the continued strength and stability of the library for all our neighbors.
255 Members
Adam Webb
Bailey Morgan

The Cape Girardeau Library Alliance

Mission statement The Cape Girardeau Library Alliance (CGLA) is dedicated to safeguarding the principles of intellectual freedom* within Cape Girardeau, Missouri. We seek to: -Assure Cape Girardeau citizens’ civil liberties, by working to cultivate a community of inclusion, empathy and kindness for all individuals. -Inform the community about efforts to censor or impede freedom of thought. -Support the dedicated local library staff who uphold American Library Association (ALA) best practices. -Empower our community to advocate for our libraries. -Oppose any form of censorship. *Intellectual freedom: Intellectual freedom gives people the right to think for themselves. It respects individual dignity and self-rule. This freedom allows people to form their own ideas and opinions by questioning the world around them. (https://www.ala.org/advocacy/intfreedom/censorship/faq)
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Thomas Blattel
Laura Bain-Selbo

Clay County Reading Alliance

Our group is dedicated to defending school libraries from book-banning efforts in Clay County, FL. school district. Please join us as we get organized and active for every student's right to read.
66 Members
John Chrastka
Tara Richardson
2 Others

Hamilton County Against Censorship (Indiana)

Hamilton County Against Censorship is a grassroots organization of concerned citizens established in response to efforts to censor teen and children's books at the Hamilton East Public Library, located in Fishers and Noblesville, Indiana. We are focused on advancing and defending the freedom to read, intellectual freedom, and the First Amendment and are dedicated to promoting the free exchange of ideas and standing against censorship in all its forms.
55 Members
Kara Hwang

Rutherford County Library Alliance

A citizens group to defend our local libraries.
44 Members
Matthew Fee
Tiffany Fee

Save Samuels Library Alliance

Our group is dedicated to supporting the ongoing funding of Samuels Public Library
43 Members
Jackie Masella

Reading First Amendment Alliance

Our group is dedicated to defending libraries from book-banning efforts.
41 Members
Laura Wilson