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To: Lenape Regional High School District Board of Education, LRHSD administrators

ALL students deserve a FULL TIME school librarian

Sign this petition and then send an email to decision makers to let them know that they should restore funding for School Librarians.

Why is this important?

Lenape Regional High School students deserve the best preparation for their future college and career plans.

The LRHSD dismissed two tenured school librarians for the upcoming school year, leaving only three librarians for four schools. Since 2021, LRHSD has lost 70% of it's school librarians due to staffing cuts. Further reductions will impair LRHSD's 6,500 students' ability to engage in research and access support for 21st Century information literacy life skills.

We need to take action NOW to send the board the message to reinstate these two full-time school librarian positions so that all Lenape Regional High School District students at every school can have the fully staffed school library with certified school librarians they need and deserve.

Studies show that students who have access to a full time, certified school librarian and a strong school library program have higher academic achievement and are better prepared for college and careers. Tell the Board of Education and school administrators all Lenape Regional High School students deserve a full time certified school librarian.

The board meets next on June 26, (mark your calendars!) but decisions are being finalized now!

Time is of the essence! Sign the NJASL/NJLA petition and share with your neighbors, and you will be redirected to an email campaign to send an email to the school board and administrators about the importance of a fully staffed school library for all LRHSD students. 

How it will be delivered

Via email and in person.

93 Willow Grove Rd, Shamong, NJ 08088, USA

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