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To: The Town Board of Iron River and the Board of the Evelyn Goldberg Briggs Memorial Library

Keep the Iron River Library open!

Let the Town Board of Iron River and the Evelyn Goldberg Briggs Memorial Library Board of Trustees know that you want the library to stay open and to continue operating with its current connection to the Northern Waters Library System. 

Why is this important?

Some community members are saying they want to close down the library or have it withdraw from the Northern Waters Library System.

If that happened, we would lose: 
  • Access to books across seven northern Wisconsin counties and beyond
  • The technology needed to operate the library
  • Access to ebooks, movies, news, and recipes through programs like Libby, Kanopy, Creative Bug, and the New York Times.
  • Library support services, and many other benefits.

Essentially, if the Iron River Library is forced to withdraw from Northern Waters, our library would most likely close, harming not only Iron River residents, but also residents of the surrounding communities served by the Library including Port Wing, Orienta, Oulu, Trip, Delta, Brule, Maple and beyond. 

Everyone benefits and our communities flourish when we have free access to books, videos, materials, educational opportunities, internet usage, and the support services the library provides. 

Please sign and share this petition to send a clear message to the Iron River Town Board and the Library Board of Trustees

Bayfield County, WI, USA

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