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To: Members of the NH-V Board of Education

Stop the NH-V Book Ban!

At its May 7th meeting, the BOE will determine the future of students' right to read the award-winning sex education book "Let's Talk About It."

"Let's Talk About It" has received uniformly positive reviews from professional review sources. In its starred review recommending the book for ages 14 and up, Publishers Weekly said "Let's Talk About It" offers "comprehensive, no-nonsense information on sex and sexuality."

The book contains valuable sexual health and safety information related to school health curriculum and NJ instructional standards. HiTops, the Princeton-based organization that designed the district's sex education curriculum, describes "Let's Talk About It" as a "developmentally appropriate book for teens that provides medically accurate and positive information about the physical and emotional changes that happen during puberty, a developmental phase that all humans experience, and for which open access to information and support is critically important."

Why is this important?

The right to read has been under attack in the United States since 2021. In 2023, the American Library Association recorded attempts to ban 4,240 titles, a 65% surge over the previous year and the highest level ever recorded.

Our community should not be participating in the unAmerican act of book banning. Please help us preserve intellectual freedom and retain "Let's Talk About It."

How it will be delivered

Please come to the BOE meeting; wear red
Tuesday, May 7
7 p.m.
North Hunterdon High School, Cafeteria B
1445 Route 31
Annandale, NJ

Annandale, Clinton Township, NJ, USA

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