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To: Cumberland Valley School Administration and Faculty

Thank You to Our Trusted Educators!

It is improper, and a misunderstanding of their role as a policy-making body, for any School Board to insert itself into educational decisions at local schools. Programmatic decisions should always be made by our trusted professional Educators, free from inappropriate political or ideological interference.

Why is this important?

We'd like to thank CV’s trusted School Administration for inviting Actor and Author Maulik Pancholy to visit with students at Mountain View Middle School on May 22nd, 2024. By all accounts, the assembly, which centered around the issue of bullying from the perspective of a celebrity who was also teased as a child, was as powerful and inspirational as the school's planners intended.

Since the School Board originally interfered with this timely and important school event, we call on the CV community to stay involved and engaged leading into this election cycle, as several school board seats are “up for grabs.” We need our local politicians to take critical issues like bullying seriously, and offer their support to our Educators, instead of getting in the way.

In spite of the setback and embarrassment caused by the Board, the reinstatement of Mr. Pancholy's talk sent a powerful message to the community that our schools are, and should be, safe and welcoming places for all students.

Please sign and share this petition to express thanks to the CV Administration, Faculty and Staff who invited Mr. Pancholy, and then bravely spoke up when his assembly was briefly canceled; demonstrating their commitment to safeguarding a positive learning environment for all students.


This petition is sponsored by Neighbors for CV Kids, a local, non-partisan group of parents and neighbors that seeks to support schools, teachers and libraries in their mission to educate the children of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.
Cumberland Valley School District, PA, USA

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